We have Table Mountain. The end.

Just kidding! But seriously, we do have Table Mountain.

If hiking and heights is not your thing however, we do have many other attractions in Cape Town that will both entertain you and take your breath away. Cape Town is a beautiful city. Friendly people, sandy beaches, an endless selection of restaurants; Cape Town is rich in history and culture. Not only is the city packed with new and exciting places to discover, but the outlying winelands are so picturesque (it’s no wonder many brides choose the area for their wedding venue in South Africa).

A beautiful place to relax and unwind

Many of us are tourists in our own country. We spend most of our time working and don’t get as much time to explore the city. Cape Town has its share of ups and downs but for the most part it is a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Tourists and locals alike love taking scenic drives around Cape Town. The best part is getting lost. You never know what magical place you will stumble upon…