Packing for your holiday can seem quite daunting

Not only do you have to cater for every day that you’re on holiday but also changes in the weather and trips you might take; to the beach for example or even a fancy dinner. But before you pack half your house into all your available suitcases, let’s keep in mind crucial items and strategies you need to implement to pack wisely for your holiday trip. Regardless whether you are planning family getaways in KZN or a romantic trip to the coast, these tips can be very useful.

  • Pick two pairs of shoes that go with everything. Shoes are an item that everyone over caters for. A pair of casual and a pair of smart shoes is all you need.
  • Pack some medical supplies. If you are going camping or to a remote location you don’t want to be without pain killers or anti-nausea meds. Pack in a few first aid kit essentials as well, should you go hiking and have a minor injury then you will be prepared.
  • Save space in your bag for holiday purchases. Everyone brings back momentos from their holiday, whether it be themed snow gloves or even clothing from the local shopping centre. Don’t be caught out not having space for all your impulse buys.
  • Lastly; pack all essentials in a smaller bag that you will be keeping close to you. Sounds simple enough but most of us have found ourselves on a plane or a bus needing something small from our main luggage and have had to cope the entire trip without it. This tip also saves you in the unfortunate event that your luggage is lost or stolen.

Enjoy your holiday!

luggage stuffing
luggage stuffing